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About My Motivations for This Website and My Goal For Us All

I am forced by necessity to be my own best medical advisor and to pursue care at the lowest cost possible.  Thus my motivation to support this website as a means of healing.

The organizer of this website is managing a very serious illness from a living in a building with a long term sewage leak.  It caused a stroke and the time to heal takes up to 2 years.  (Yes, I know… Up to 2 years! Indeed.  This is NOT like a flu…  I’ve lost nerve axons and neurons due to inadequate oxygen and de-conjugation of toxins in my blood.)

Donations are required to meet my needs for a full recovery.  (Due to landlord/tenant law around water damaged buildings the legal fight is horrific and will drain more life out of me… AND maybe I’ll see pennies on the dollar to the expenses and hardship endured 2 plus years from now.)

If you have any sense of me, you know I’m very thrifty and all funds offered will be used wisely, for myself and others.

You have my promise that I will continue to offer my hard earned wisdom freely to all that seek it, and I hope that in some way it makes your life better.

Please offer a donation to support this volunteer run effort.

Your gifts matter a lot to help this effort thrive.

Thank you for ANY kindness in words or deed,

Please donate through my Pay Pal recovery fund:


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