This website began in 2021 as an online medical support group.

KC has out of personal necessity to survive a life threatening illness, educated herself during the past 2 years on how the body works from the lens of the immune system (and drafted a book on this topic), then completed a course on EMFs offered by an electrician and purchased EMF measurement tools. A few months later she participated in an EMF Medical Conference for doctors (a worldwide collaborative effort.)

Drawing from this education and considerable on-going targeted research, KC has developed 3 EMF study group topics (Science, Health Actions and Environmental Management). It is her goal to develop education that makes understanding of this topic more accessible to all, including children, so that we can all make better choices for health and peace.

Radiation from electricity and wireless devices are affecting health and public civility. Use is increasing exponentially with zero education on health and safety. Many people feel either disempowered to do anything or are unaware of the scale of the problem… yet.

The purpose of her 30 minute presentation is to initiate you to the main scientific principles of EMFs and to raise awareness about her medical expense fundraiser. If you wish to learn more after the presentation, she is hosting free study groups to further develop the educational material which covers the topic more in-depth.

She hopes to make a positive impact in her community for greater peace and health for all.

Thanks for visiting! ~* KC
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A long video of purring kittens. You will be surprised how nurturing this can be to your adrenals and lighten any general anxiety, if that is a concern for you.